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I am a student with the Open College of the Arts on the BA (hons) Fine Art degree pathway. With my third course I switched from Painting degree to have from freedom to explore drawing, painting, and possibly aspects of performance.

My journey started with the Drawing 1 course in Nov 2014 that I finished Feb 2016. I continued with Practice of Painting 1 – finished March 2016. Understanding Visual Culture is my third and last level 1 (HE 4) course unit before moving on to level 2 (HE5)

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My courses with OCA towards BA (hons):

Level 1 (HE 4)

  1. Drawing Skills 1 – with Oliver Reed
    My OCA Learning log available from: http://ocalog.stefanschaffeld.com
  2. Practice of Painting 1 – with Doris Rohr
    My OCA Learning log available from: http://ocapainting1.stefanschaffeld.com
  3. Understanding Visual Culture  –  with Peter Haveland
    My OCA Learning log available from: http://ocaUVC.stefanschaffeld.com

Level 2 (HE 5)

  1. open
  2. open

Level 3 (HE 6)

  1. open
  2. open

My current tutor profile (Peter Haveland)  http://www.oca.ac.uk/profile/peter-haveland/

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