CHECK: Planned reading list for Part 2: March – May 2017

My plan for reading on Part 2 and Modernism:


  • Mirzoeff ‘Visual Culture reader’ – OPEN
  • Sturken, Cartwright ‘Practices of Looking’  –PARTLY


  • C. Butler ‘Modernism – A Very Short Introduction’ DONE
  • D. Cottington ‘Modern Art – A Very Short Introduction’ DONE
  • F. Frascina, C. Harrison (eds) ‘Modern Art and Modernism: A Critical Anthology’ –PARTLY
  • Wood, Frascina, Harris, Harrison (eds) ‘Modernism in Dispute: Art since the Forties’ –PARTLY
  • Frascina, Blake, For, Garb, Harrison (eds) ‘Modernity and Modernism: French Painting in the Nineteenth Century’ –PARTLY
  • R Barthes ‘Mythodologies’ -> ‘Myth Today’ DONE
  • R Barthes  ‘Image, Music, Text’ -OPEN
  • C Greenberg  ‘Avant-Garde and Kitsch’ and ‘Modernist Painting’ –DONE
  • M. Fried ‘Art & Objecthood’ and ‘Three American Painters’ – DONE
  • G. Debord ‘Society of the Spectacle’ –PARTLY
  • E.H. Gombrich ‘Art & Illusion’ – OPEN
  • W.J.T. Mitchell ‘Iconology: Image, Text and Ideology’ –PARTLY
  • Thierry de Duve ‘Monochrome and the blank canvas’ –DONE
  • Martin Jay ‘Downcast Eyes’ – PARTLY

Besides my plan I read various essays in Harrison, C. and Wood, P. ‘Art in Theory, 1900-1990: An Anthology of Changing Ideas’ that I found relevant to the assignment piece.

Futher I read some more essays by Greenberg and Fried from their ‘Collected Essays’ relevant to Modernist and Minimal Art.

And not to forget sources that were relavent to the exerices works (mentioned in the respective blog post).


  • I learned that I had too much on my table, and thus need to re-focus in part 3. I underestimated, compared with the reading in part 1, the intensity and depth of the subject matter.
  • Reading takes a lot of time and effort, taking critical notes and reconcile, even when applying a three steps approach of scanning, skimming, and reflective reading approach.
  • On the other hand I believe I eventually got a grip in Modern Art and Modernist painting.
  • Still struggling with how to appproach the course reader  ‘Visual Culture reader’

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