Reflection on my journey Nov17

Now, that I approach the end of ‘Understanding Visual Culture’ I am wondering where I am now compared to the beginning.

After having finished drawing 1 and painting 1 alongside my decision to move from the Painting degree pathway to Fine Art degree pathway, it became clear that a more contextual situation of my own practice would be really beneficial. I thought I would get some better understanding of visual culture in art history that I would be able to compare myself with.

In the first half of the course, I went through a tremendous academic learning curve in embracing how to write academic essays. My tutor’s feedback on assignment 1 was clearly an eye-opener and for me a change of working habits. I went into reading and during part three I was wondering how that reading is impacting my communication style. There was truly to find a balance between finding a position between common sense and rather theoretical and philosophical language that would be rather difficult to get across in daily life.

My assignment works went a certain up and down as well. Taking up the courage to post my draft assignment three for peer review and subsequent reflection on feedback received. I eventually had to decide on whom to address my writing and which language to apply. Finding again a balance, here between an inspiring personal touch versus an ‘objective’ academic high level convincing argumentation. My edited version I submitted was truly a more personal reaction towards the task and with having a certain distance after my reading it went through more successfully.

What brings up the question of academic research, writing and editing. The latter I do truly appreciated very much. Having re-read my last assignment after some time past and receiving my tutor’s feedback, I felt a bit silly as partly I couldn’t believe how complicated I wrote some paragraphs. Why didn’t I notice that in the first place? I can see that a temporal and partly spatial distance helps to improve and sharpen my skills. Not surprisingly, as in drawing and painting it is very much the same. To be too immersed in the subject, one is rather blind for other viewpoints. To get outside, asking for peer review or feedback from others, truly helps to avoid self-indulgency.

What leaves me now beyond my writing skills to the question what else I learned? I am a very curious person and lateral thinker who can make connections before I can articulate them. My reading and deeper investigation of the topics opened up new perspectives, not only on how to argue with modernist and post-modernists paradigm, but more of how to place myself in that context. I truly appreciated the rather open questions that enabled me to find my own argumentation. My deeper investigation in difference, with my spin-off project in drawing, allowed me to see theory in practice. The last part with moving images is tremendously beneficial for me as it will allow me to find my response to that in painting and drawing in the next level HE5 (that I am excited to enrol officially very soon)

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