Part Four – Assignment 4: Reflection on tutor’s feedback and tutorial

Here my reflection on tutor report and tutorial for assignment 4 submission.

The overall evaluation of my essay:

Overall appraisal:

My tutor acknowledged my assignment essay as a good assignment work
=> I am satisfied that my efforts and wider interrogation of the subject matter of the work of Michael Asher came across as a good approach. I didn’t focus or restrict my self to the mere difference but looked also from a different viewpoint on the work, what one could see as the difference in itself of writing to the assignment task. I find it truly satisfying to include also aspects, e.g Bourdieu ‘Habitus’ or the white wall, as a differentiating and reflexisive elements.)

Essay content:

My essay extended the ‘narrow confines of ‘difference’’ , as my tutor stated and he mentions that  this should be like that.

=> I am glad to hear that I did’n miss some aspects in nnderstanding assignment question as it was not so crystal clear at the beginning for me. Therefore, I am happy for receiving his positive confirmation. During the tutorial, he made the point that certain assignment questions might be phrased in a way to open up dialogue and critical reflection. In that case one could assume a certain author’s intention and still placing that in a wider context while answering that question. So, it would make sense to see the assignment question as a point for departure rather than as imperative for a limited answer.

Academic approach:

My apprach was coming through as work with ‘due diligence and enthusiasm’ and a thorough and informative research
=> I fully enjoy the context, especially as it comes now more towards contemporary art that will be truly relevant to my own practice. I do a lot of reading, as it opens new perspectives.  I also like to cross-read, not only the key art theory texts, but also texts relating to my professional interest in psychological and embodied knowledge experience. An aspect that is more important in post-modernist, installation and ‘situtational’ and ‘relational’ art

My blog:

My tutor was pleased that my blog was easy to navigate and comprehensible
=> I am glad this comes across and I think that this is also one reason why it was featured in the last ‘OCA Student Handbook’. I do think a blog is also a medium in flux, as the structure should reflect the content, and perhaps the structure can also faciliate the thinking process.

Points for improvement:


To be careful to get not across as pretentious and ensure to demonstrate that I understood underlying concepts.

=> After receiving my tutor’s comment on my essay I have to admit that weeks of forgetting my essay while working on part five, and re-reading it now for myself again, it did come across at certain paragraphs as not so easy read and overcomplicating my thoughts.

I feel trapped in my reading of dense texts and forget about writing a fluent essay that comes across as inspiring. I do embrace editing much more now, it is not about error correction but more about a distancing reflection on comprehensible writing.

I also have to admit that in the process of my essay writing through research, draft and edit, I typically write more words and condense them literally down to few words. During that reduction process, it seems that I keep some heavy special words as concepts and forgetting to paraphrase these or to keep them embedded in easier to read language. I learned that with distance, surely in time but perhaps also in space, I can re-read with fresh eyes.

Also, I do embrace now the process of editing much more, and see quite a reason for editor’s role in professional writing. At times the author is channelled and too much involved in a thinking process that one could oversee a ‘neutral’ reader. For assignment three I posted my draft in the forum for peer critique and used all feedback including on language as learning for edit, and actually a re-writing of my essay for assignment three. During the stage of editing my assignment four, I had the belief that I learned the lesson and all was good, and I could ‘avoid’ another external reading. How wrong could this be. The challenge basically is to embrace the additional required time for that external reading and subsequent editing before, or after submission to my tutor. In this case for A4 I decided to take the risk, and edit further after feedback and before assessment submission. It is also a question of time and now I want to speed up to be able to enroll onto next course unit, my first level 2 (HE5) unit. But regulation require that I have to finish my last level 1 course in full i.e. having received official tutor reports on last assignment. Challenging siutation for me between quality and time.


Perhaps some of ‘central information’ would be better part of the essay. What motivates me to include footnotes?

=> I felt that the essay need to be read easily and without interruption of descriptions. Thus, I intended to add footnotes where I believed the ‘normal’ reader would not know certain ideas or concepts. My footnotes should give additional information to answer these questions.

My Introduction 

Too dense in wording and not as clear as my conclusion

=> I can see that my introduction is trying to combine complexity with special language and coming therefore not through as an easy read. It would be much better to get the reader inspired to continue reading instead of putting reading ‘obstacles’ in the way. Need to re-write. Actually, I start writing my essay with my conclusion to make it clear and comprehensive and to ensure that my statement is getting across clearly.



My tutor encouraged me to embrace more my ‘Reflections on my Journey’ and overall learnings over the span or the course and even to make it more visible  as a separate menu item (not as subitem under research &reflection)
=> I find his suggestion very helpful and already modified it accordingly. It is quite right to take the time, to step back, and to reflect on what I am actually doing and learning. What for and how this would benefit my way forward. Studying this course of Visual Studies is not an end in itself, but rather has, to speak with Kant, it ‘purposiveness’, an end for. And this for are my degree studies towards BA Fine Art. And even getting has its more extended ‘purposiveness’ (to reflect on separetely)

To do:

Till next assignment:

  • Look at pre-video works e.g. Andy Warhol (1964) Empire
  • Look at Maia Conran (who is writing at the moment a level 2 course unit for moving images). She is using video partly or complete in her installation work. Her vimeo site
  • To consider contemporary work on film in the gallery and movies in the cinema on video
  • To watch using language in balance with demonstrating understanding of concepts
  • To make separate menu item for ‘Reflections on my journey’ and reflect more on my journey so far (done)

Before assessment:

  • To simplify my introduction, make it more ‘snappy’, to attract reader’s attention
  • To review my use of footnotes
  • To re-write and simplify hard to read paragraphs


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