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Reading Fraser’s article from 1992 on her role as artist inside or outside of institution as well as Rancière’s thoughts on the paradox of aesthetic and politics, of art in equality and art as identity, I head to take visual notes to make up my mind and for the following reflection of contemporary art.


Stefan513593 - Part5 - Fraser - log

Stefan513593 – Part5 – Fraser – log


  • Fraser, A. (2011) ‘An Artist’s Statement (1992)’, in: Alberro, A. and Stimson, B. (eds.) Institutional Critique : An Anthology of Artists’ Writings, Cambridge; London: MIT Press,  pp. 318-329. III.
  • Rancière, J. (2013) ‘Contemporary Art and the Politics of Aesthetics (2009)’, in: Kocur, Z. and Leung, S. (eds.) Theory in Contemporary Art since 1985, 2nd ed., Chichester, West Sussex: Wiley-Blackwell,  pp. 72 – 86. I.6.

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