Parallel Project ‘Difference and Becoming’ – new site and link

From some discussions in the OCA forum as well as my own reflection on how to proceed with my parallel projects, I decided to create a separate wordpress site/blog dedicated to my current project ‘Difference and Becoming’ in context of Deleuze and the ‘ruin of representation’ (Olkowski)

Here the link to my seperate site 

I will keep in the menu bar of the course blog the item parallel projects. But the link for ‘Difference and Becoming’ will now relate to my new site.


My rationale for this decision:

  • I was inspired by SarahJane Field’s arrangement of her online presence (professional, OCA, projects etc.) as well as by Jac Saorsa’s various sites for her projects
  • To move step by step into a more public area of exposing my project and see how this could be of benefit
  • This new site would be kind of intermediate step for my planned artist webpage (under construction)

Open questions:

  • How much work development and reflection would be needed to include in a dedicated website for a project?
  • How to link these projects to my planned portfolio and artist website?


I am looking forward to seeing all of my readers on my new website and reading your comments. You will be able to follow me on my new site as well. Thanks to the people who already provided me with great feedback helping my to find my way forward.

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