Parallel project: Drawings related to Deleuze ‘Difference and Repetition’ (4)

Based on initial gound preparation I continued with differentiation. My further markings describing differences, between each other and in itself. Without any preconceived idea of form I followed intuitively the ‘voice’ of the ground.


All drawing in charcoal, and/or ink, and/or shellac and/or acrylic paint on baord 24x18cm:


What happened? 

My initial undifferentiated grounds, with random marks through splasher or decalcomania techniques, developed into discernible shapes and forms.

I felt the urge to refine some markings as I’ve seen shapes or possible forms. Reminded me of pareidolia and how the human’s brain is trying to make meaning out of ambiguous patterns.

At some moment I was wondering how to proceed and whether I would not push the ‘rising ground’ to far by impose my subjective and representational notions to the raw drawings.

Nevertheless, I refrained from too much overworking (something I learned during my OCA course unit and what would have been very beneficial on some of my courseworks as well) an, stopped when noticing my over-thinking, e.g. keeping those raw ambigous shapes in #03.


Responses from others:

I posted them also in my Instagram account, to see how people are reacting and with what connotations they will come back. Here are a few comments (leaving out emojis and articulation of amazing or terrific art – accessed 07 Oct 2017):

on #01:

  • Yes!! This is actively drawing as I look at it.
  • Do you work with a concept in mind, or do you choose a medium and see what happens? I love this.
  • I can see an interesting face in profile
  • Love the ambiguity, reminds me of those ink paintings used in psychology tests

on #02:

  • Glad to see the next part…especially like the unexpected element. I’ve been turning over the relationship of line to space and becoming to growth. Trying to find the paradox in definition’s preclusion of unity. Looks like a fascinating stage? Hopefully inspiring curiosity
  • Something giving way under pressure? A leak? Thought provoking
  • Très suggestif

on #03: 

  • This remains be of a goat ( I’m working on a goat project so tend to see goats everywhere !
  • Two figures with their backs to each other, maybe reflected in water.
  • Magnifique traces de vie
  • Great idea not to touch this one and to use what happened by chance to recreate it on another. It’s that spontaneity that seems to disappear when one paints consciously. I for one tend to over tell the story… if you know what I mean. . . I wish I wouldn’t. Lovely inspiration. Thank you

on #04:

  • This is begging to be stitched.
  • it has a transparency like voile with opaque marks like embroidered stitch. It is textured not flat and I want to life the layers like the layers on a costume.
  • Not the point, but this would look amazing framed.

on #05:

  • Fascinating. I was trying to tie down one image when another started forming. I saw a hawk..some thing looking at me from the shadows.. I’ll stop now because I am sure it’s something like a Rorschach’s test.
  • Someone’s trapped in there!
  • Des tâches de vies magnifiques 

on #06:

  • Very hypnotic



The at times different responses from others confirmed Deleuze’s notion of ‘difference in itself’ and a one viewpoint perspective related to representional frameworks and identity as Olkowski described ib her book.

So far I am satisfied with the first experimental results. But I sense that there might be more to look at and more to explore especially on larger scale.

Next steps:

  • further exploration on larger scale and posting some drawing in OCA forum for feedback. Wondering whether they resemble those receivecd on Instagram (remark: there are a few fellow students who do comment on my IG posts)

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