Part Four – Assignment 4: Brainstorm and Outline

After I decided which artwork I was going to use for my assignment, I went similar to my previous assignment through a step-by-step approach.

Here my brainstorming results with some phrasing of concepts and working thesis for my essay:

The paradox of difference – Artworks and institutions




and as pdf

Main aspects related to difference:

  • Institutational critique: difference between space for exhibition and space of distribution, trading
  • Conceptual art and temporality: difference between theory, materiality, ‘collectible’ and documentation
  • Situational aesthetics and site specificity of artwork: Difference between inner contemplative space and outer exhibition space, historical and cultural context versus ‘mystifying’ inner world of art in space (perception and reception of art)
  • Art and its commercialization: difference between art work as independent critique revealing underlying economic systems and causing that system (legitimate base for)
  • Other differences: Gallery / Exhibition / Artwork  – what is what

Next step would be to built my argumentation on above aspects of difference considering ‘difference in itself’, Deleuze and Derrida’s conception of difference, and contextual aspects in reception of Asher’s work.



  • Alberro, A. (2012) ‘Michael Asher’, in: Art in America. [Online]. (Dec. 26, 2012),  Available from: (accessed on 18 Sep 2017).
  • Asher, M. (2011) ‘september 21-october 12, 1974, claire copley gallery, inc., los angeles, california (1974)’, in: Alberro, A. and Stimson, B. (eds.) Institutional Critique : An Anthology of Artists’ Writings, Cambridge; London: MIT Press,  pp. 150-155.




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