Parallel project: First moves on the ‘rising ground’ (2)

Working with shellac solution (lac, self-made) , charcoal (powder and stick), black ink. Using decalcomania technique for ‘transfer of ground’. All work on canvas board or matting board.

Deleuze speaks of raising the ground (see exercise) and the nomadic nomos, as the decentralized multiplicity of viewpoints, an ungrounded ‘chaos’ in the sense that there is not any longer one dictating representational framework against that forms are grounded. My work, a random undifferentiated visualization of ground. 


SJSchaffeld - Difference and Becoming - @01, (c)SJSchaffeld, 2017

Fig. 1: SJSchaffeld – Difference and Becoming – @01, (c)SJSchaffeld, 2017

But, then things are happening: Do I discern shapes? Are the ground ‘tells’ something? Is this the chaos? I have no representational framework in mind, all differences that appear on the paper are equally valid, a state of being in itself.

SJSchaffeld - Difference and Becoming - @02, (c)SJSchaffeld, 2017

Fig. 2: SJSchaffeld – Difference and Becoming – @02, (c)SJSchaffeld, 2017

I do feel more connected with Deleuze’s notion of creation as affirmation,  of difference in itself. Deleuze stated that philosophy is about creation of concepts, art creation of percepts and affects (see my reflection on this)

“The theory of thought is like painting; it needs that revolution which took art from representation to abstraction.” – Gilles Deleuze

It seems to me that drawing can express concepts rather good through perceptual experience. I am excited to move forward and to explore the ‘differenciation’ of the ground as a becoming of forms. The ground that has all in it as a possibilty.

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