Parallel project: Drawings related to Deleuze ‘Difference and Repetition’ (1)

Over the last few days, I tried a different approach in my art practice parallel to this rather theoretical course, to experience how I could make visual sense out of my reading and researches. Visual decisions for mark making are not always conscious decisions, mostly not, and surely not to be considered as a 1-to-1 translation of philosophical thought into practice. Nevertheless, my contextual investigation so far will subconsciously leave traces in my ‘ground’.

During my research on Deleuze related to the ‘raising ground’ and its expression in art, I came across the project work ‘Drawing Out Deleuze’ by Jac Saorsa from Cardiff, UK who started a research project in context of TRACEY,  a Drawing and Visualisation Research associated with Loughborough University. Several publications – Drawing Ambiguity (2015), Hyperdrawing (2012), and Drawing Now (2007) – were already issued based on these research studies.  I very much appreciate those and I referred to some parts in my previous course units drawing and painting.

Saorsa outlined the project scope as:

Drawing Out Deleuze is intended to evolve over a two year period and will follow two main trajectories:

    1. Difference and Repetition: this trajectory will generate drawings derived from my engagement with the textual development of the concepts of ‘difference in itself’ and ‘repetition for itself.’ With these drawings I aim to evolve and extend the primary thesis through visual practice.
    2. Identity and practice: this second trajectory addresses Deleuze’s contention that difference and repetition are both logically and metaphysically prior to any concept of identity, and it is directed by the investigation, through the act of drawing itself, of the individuality of practice.’

(Here one example by Soarsa, accessed 22 Sep 2017)

Unfortunately, that project was kept on hold and I can not see from online information when it started and whether it will continue at all. I will write her an email to understand more about her motivation and possible future steps.

Another artist that keeps coming up with an exploration of drawing and becoming is Antony Gormley, e.g. his series ‘Body, 2009-2011‘ (made with pigment and casein, on hand-made linen paper)

In following posts I will publish my works and will see how those could possibly evolve in a more extended body or work.



  2 comments for “Parallel project: Drawings related to Deleuze ‘Difference and Repetition’ (1)

  1. September 22, 2017 at 1:30 pm

    looking foreward to see what you get of this line of thought. Her drawing example is super interesting – a good find.

    • Stefan
      September 22, 2017 at 3:39 pm

      Thanks Inger, haven’t heard about her although I looked previously on TRACEY. Yes, she makes some interesting stuff. Will see me what I’ll make out of it. Hope to get in contact with her soon

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