Assignment 3 Preparation: Refining argumentation

Based on feedback received (Peer review reflection) on my draft essay and with deeper reflection on what I want to say (position statements). Alongside the need for ruthless editing down and also to reject aspects that I personally find intriguing but not the most relevant,  I refined my statement, conclusion and argumentation.

As planned in my reflection:

  1. Starting my with position statement as the red thread going through
  2. Summarising my conclusion enforcing my statement
  3. Building up arguments ensuring culmination in my conclusion
  4. Adding evidences and references

1) My position statement:

The cave, a panopticon of our reality.

Our idea of the real is mediated through imagery as well as our human conditions. The representation of an external reality and truth has shifted towards a representation and searching of a ‘real’ self-identity. Exemplary showing reality perception in visual media as Documentary and Reality TV and how it impacts our self perception


2) Conclusion:

Images (still and moving) are presenting us only with partial views of a reality through significations and subjective viewpoints. Historical and social constructed opinions are shaping our perception of reality. Sophisticated technologies are persuasive in blurring the line between reality and fiction. Images are not any longer a one-to-one representation like the ‘puppet show’ in Plato’s Allegory tried to convince us.

The cave is turning into a oneway mirror, a space for surveillance and high visibility, predicting our behaviour and turning us into addicts. Monitoring our life is becoming a way for self-reflection. We cannot discern the shadows form our own life.

We are trying to satisfy our desire for the real and pleasure through images and appearances. Although we are aware of the difference between the signification of images and reality we are subconsciously making decisions on what we belief and assume. We do perceive reality from an ego point of view and through projected images we are creating our self-identity. Reality was and is still today inside the cave, inside of us.

This essay showed that Plato’s idea of intelligent reasoning to see truth outside and to control a balanced life in justice is a transcendental utopian idea. We are more in a stage where we create realities by and for ourselves.

3) My main arguments:

  • Documentary as struggle on how to represent reality
  • SitComs and Reality TV as distorted view on reality
  • Reality TV as a reflection of desire and self identity
  • Cave as oneway mirror reflecting back a real of a simulacrum
  • Surveillance as external and self initiated
  • Self identify from a psychological background as mirror face and social face

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