Plato – The Republic, Book VII – Allegory of the Cave

Movie Idols, in Plato’s Cave


Day at our backs

We paid to enter

Here into dark

Where shadows saunter

Lovelier than we

And younger, free

Of eyelid tic

And daily lumber.


And we fell down

Before a glamor

Tall as a dream

Of lust in summer,

And prayed the image

Clear of damage

When light should aim

Its daytime hammer.


So were we made

Like gods all over

Having found in this cave

The self quite other,

For these blond ghosts

Behaved like us,

Though all their love

Ran somehow smoother


We will not move:

Here we inherit

The happy love

Denied by daylight.

We have no wish

To lug our flesh

Out from this cave

And prop it upright.


– Louis O.Coxe, 1948 – 



Allegory of the Cave: starts at 01:34:00

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