Expected learning outcome and assessment criteria

Before embarking and plumbing into the course I want to make sure that I understand the expected learning outcome and the core criteria for assessment, that I hopefully will pass successful and still this year (heading for Nov assessment)

Course learning outcome

  • Demonstrate a degree of fluency with selected theories
  • Debate the autonomy of art
  • Explain the concept of ‘difference’ in contemporary theory
  • Exercise critical thinking across a range of arguments
  • Research and discuss key examples of visual culture


Criteria for assessment:

all criteria are weighted equally with 25%

  1. Demonstration of subject based knowledge and understanding
    Broad and comparative understanding of subject content, knowledge of the appropriate historical, intellectual, cultural or institutional contexts.
  2. Demonstration of research skills
    Information retrieval and organisation, use of IT to assist research, ability to evaluate IT sources, the ability to design and carry out a research project, locate and evaluate evidence from a wide range of primary and secondary sources (visual, oral, aural or textual).
  3. Demonstration of critical and evaluation skills
    Engagement with concepts, values and debates, evidence of analysis, reflection, critical thinking, synthesis, interpretation in relation to relevant issues and enquiries.
  4. Communication
    The ability to communicate ideas and knowledge in written and spoken form, including presentation skills.

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