Part One – Assignment 1: Self Evaluation

My self evaluation against the assessment criteria

Demonstration of subject based knowledge and understanding

During the exercises and assignment work I tried to look at different perspectives and how some others are seeing those topics. At the moment I do not having enough exposure to art theory to place my argumentation in a general context. However, because of my two previous and finalized courses of Drawing 2 and Practice of Painting 1 I do believe that I have substantial understanding about art history. Due to my previous readings I was exposed to various aspects of critical art argumentation. I tried to link some of my previous learnings to the assignment and to place some of my own works in this first part of the course as I felt that (e.g pareidolia and decalcomania) a translation into my own practice matters. I am looking for how to better contextualise my own work.

Demonstration of research skills

Before embarking on my first level 1 course, I went through the extensive Introduction to HE. Also based on my academic studies some time ago in non-art area, I do feel confident in researching various sources and pull from other areas and peer discussions. I work fluently with IT, both on laptop and on mobile devices. Looking at sources I mostly try to find the primary source and at least to have a read in some key aspects of the authors. A outline of my initial ideas in a kind of mind map helps me at times to understand more complex situations and to narrow down my research. I am looking at the credentials of the sources and try to look at trustworthy sources.

I really enjoy the books from the reading list and the reference list. Typically I do pull information through cross reading of a source.

Demonstration of critical and evaluation skills

I do enjoy reading and understanding the deeper argumentation of the authors. Although at times I find some text quite hard to understand and had to re-read couple of times. I feel that I am still at the beginning of making a synthesis of provided external argumentation and to defend my own opinion with the right and convincing words. The ambiguity of art theory and visual culture texts is very much what I like. I tried to place my personal view and some of my own works in this first part of the course to put theory into practice. Still a long way to go – but at least a beginning. I am looking forward to hear my tutor’s feedback on this first assignment to see better my way forward.


After my two very practical courses Drawing 1 and Practice of Painting 1, I felt only writing text a bit boring. At the beginning of part 1 I added some of my own images as a personal and visual touch. Still I feel that visual culture is also about visual images. Would love to find a way to add more of my visual reflection into the projects. I am wondering about a better presentation form and how this could be done more effectively. From my previous professional experience I know quite a lot about visual presentation but was not able to leverage this in part 1 yet. Concerning my writing I hope it is understandable for others with a certain thread coming through. As a lateral thinker I tend at times to escape right and left, constraining myself from being focused. I stuck to the word allowance pretty well. I would appreciate an external read on this.

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