Reflection on my journey July 17

Part One was taken to light with an assignment and tutor feedback, that pushed me during part Two to revisit my approach to the material and content of the course. Diligently, I looked at my working habits, preparation and writing skills and the way I was going to work with my blog.

All of this additional efforts and time it eventually turned into a much more successful second assignment essay. But overall, I understood Modernity, Modernism and how the various avant-garde movements were interconnected and played their role in modern art. I appreciate very much the insight and the learnings I got from it.

Part Three is another challenge, perhaps not in amount and duration of an era covered, but more in content and to obtain a thorough understanding of the subject matter – if this is possible with poststructuralist and postmodern authors like Derrida at all.

I continue to work with my newly learned work habits, with more experience I am becoming more fluent. And I do like the discourse.

However, there is a concern and drawback of a deep interrogation with the subject matter. How it impacts my thinking and communication style with others. My wife put her attention to this. My learnings: not to deconstruct normal speech in daily life, Keep this for the academic part. Otherwise I am running into troubles to be understood.

Another aspect is how art theory and the theoretical side of visual culture, at times rather philosophical, is impacting or manipulating my authentic self-reflection. Perhaps post-structualist would tell me this is nonsense, as authenticity doesn’t exist and it is an illusion. However, I do feel myself as trying to be authentic and myself. One notion a fellow student commented on is binary thinking and difference. Art theory (Modernism, Post-Modernism) is looking at differences in order to understand history, human beings and artists do transgress differences in theory. They are not made out of theory but flesh and personality.

In summary that means for me with the workload and heavy lectures I need to step out and keep a healthy distance to avoid getting bogged down.

I truly appreciate any feedback from others. Though, I feel at times pretty lonely, especially in this course, a new version, fellow students are more behind, and in the forum not so much activity on Visual Studies

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  1. July 28, 2017 at 6:34 pm

    Ah – I can see your wife is a clever woman indeed! 🙂 I think your balance things well with the recent revisiting of the ‘uncanny series’. Do take care and a deep breath from time to time. How about something silly from time to time too? (I love how one gets immersed 110% with OCA, but the proverbial work(aka study)/life balance needs to prevail. You seem to take it in in great strides – I hope you do remember to say bravo, to yourself from time to time. Or else I will, Bravo Stefan!

    • Stefan
      July 28, 2017 at 6:44 pm

      Thanks Inger for your wise feedback. Yes, try to balance – knowing my self to get immersed and passioned at times. Life balance a topic for further discussion – after having my own professional past experiences here . Thanks and wish you good balance and spirit

  2. July 29, 2017 at 10:17 am

    The Understanding Visual Culture Course felt for me too like a very lonely pathway. I did it in 2013-2014, the old course, and we were only 3 students at this time. One gave up early on and we did not communicate very much with the other, it was hard. I kept contact all along with the photography cohort and it helped me.

    And it was so much work, plus, as you say, I started to question everything, struggling with how to integrate these philosophic and theoretic readings with my personal perception of things until then, without becoming cynical or know-it-all. This course challenged me like any other course, but in the end it opened so many doors to me, and it was not that difficult in the end to find myself again – and keep a poetic gaze on life while being more aware of all I had learned.

    It gave me some tools in life and in my studies that I did not have before.

    Good luck with the rest of the path Stephan!

    • Stefan
      July 29, 2017 at 10:39 am

      Stephanie – so wonderful words and so resonating. Thanks ! I am positive that I am going through it and come out with deeper thoughts and deeper awareness of my self and the world around. As you said, the stretch between becoming cynical and the only insider as philosopher. It really helps to be supported by others like you and Inger and a few others . I knew it intuitively before changing my pathway that this course will give me boost. My tutor encouraged me as well. But, yes one has to walk through. And doing some other stuff. All the best to you as well

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