Bringing it together – Collaborative Work with SJF ‘Self & Others’

Bringing together and letting it go

I am going to use #34 (the ‘monochrome’ English lady whose life hit hard on her) and #83 (the Welsh lady in Saudi Arabia feeling homesick) as here I’ve seen multiple images and pre-composites already from SJ and L. The above photograph by SJ from 07 July works good here (although I don’t know whether that reflected on #34)

My approach:

  • Acrylic transfer of inkjet prints of photographs and my own initial sketches.
  • After drying, taken the background paper off, and see what will left on the surface. Residues of others in my hand, visually present. That what is not going to ‘stick’ on the surface will be absent.
  • Re-drawing with new images, reflection on a more distant conception of the characters

I’ll embrace a few aspects:

  • Connectedness through shared visuals
  • Absence and presence in my artwork as reflection on the remote and rather anonymous relationship with those characters
  • Destruction of images through my process approach as reflection on the initial verbal characterization of others.

Collage with inkject and acrylic transfered images, ink, charcoal, watercolor

(First two on 40×30 cm board, third ony on 50×35 paper)




These works are one remove further. Appropriating visual images by others (Sarah-Jane and Lottie) in my drawing approach of deconstruction (acrylic transer, tearing off back paper) and re-construction of new mental images (collage and further markings). Those steps leading towards a self-conscious inner world, self-perception and connected-ness mediated by images.

i feel at this point ‘more complete’ as after the inital six sketches. At that time I felt those rather illustrative, at times even invasive and not true. All questions arised around who are others and what is mkaing up? What is conception and what is perception of reality?

Another question: What makes it collaborative in this work? A topic raised by SJ and addressed in her blog.




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