Sketches: Collaborative Work with SJF ‘Self & Others’

My sketches on six character features, written reponses on an online survey conducted by SJ as the preparation for her work.

She asked me to contribute and to sketch or paint the inner worlds of those people, people that I don’t know and only have read the written responses.  All done in charcoal (last one plus crayon) on A3 paper.




The sketches are rather illustrative inner pictures that I associated loosely with the character features. Saying that I am conscious that the first visuals are already a composite of external words belonging obviously to another person (mediated through Sarah-Jane’s questionnaire) and own inner pictures. I can see that partly my inner pictures are already mediated through external factors that I was exposed to in my life (pictures, movies, books etc.).

Overall, an oneric and dconstructive sense. How language is tranlated by me into inner images as process of reflection and imagination.


How to continue? Depicting ‘Inner worlds of characters’ – that was the task. Impact of remoteness, absence of any images, my pure distant perhaps somehow connectedness with Sarah-Jane and/or the 6 characters? What does relate us? What makes us different?



  • Field, SJ (2017a) ‘Collaborative artists wanted to sketch or draw the inner worlds of 6 characters’ [pdf] June 2017

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