Collaborative Work with Sarah-Jane Field ‘Self & Others’


On 2 June 2017, fellow student Sarah-Jane Field contacted me whether I would be interested in a collaborative project as part of her assignment work for ‘Self & Other’ (photography course with OCA, level 5). I found this a terrific idea, as myself am wondering about me self-perception and inter-subjectivity. My interest was triggered as part of my level 4 painting course with OCA. Especially when I embarked last year on a parallel project of daily self-portrait that eventually turned into a self-portrait made from smaller paintings each capturing an object or part of my body. A visual expression of my embodied experience of myself.

The idea collaborative project was wide open, no clear goal, working as we walk. For Sarah-Jane the area was around ‘super brain, collective meaning, nebulous distinction between self and other.’ (SJField, personal communication, 2 June 2017) Her idea was to work with other artist who can draw, sketch, paint the ‘inner worlds of up to 6 characters’. Characters that she interviewed only with a survey template.

Those self-expressed features meditated through Sarah-Jane questionnaire will be the starting point.



  • Field, SJ (2017b) [personal communication, Instagram]. 2 June 2017

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