CHECK: Planned reading list for part 3: June-July 2017

Important for understanding and introduction

  • Pooke, Newall Art History: The Basics (Chapter 4 ‘Semiotics and poststructuralism’)  Done
  • Christopher Butler Postmodernism – Very Short Introduction – Done
  • C. Freeland Art Theory – Very Short Introductio‘ – in progress
  • C. Belsey Poststructuralism – Very Short Introduction – Done
  • D. Chandler Semiotics – the basics – Done
  • Bryson, Holly, Mosey Visual Theory – in progress

Relevant for coursework

  • A. D. Sokal ‘Transgressing the Boundaries: Toward a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity – Done
  • R.W. Emerson Essays and Lectures’ especially lecture from 1834 – Done
  • Short ‘Peirce’s Theory of Signs – review what is helpful open
  • Winfried Nöth Handbook of Semiotics – heavy, dense, encyclopedia; review most relevant parts – in extracts
  • Daniel W Smith Essay on Deleuze – review most relevant parts – Done
  • M. Camille ‘Simulacrum’ in: Critical Terms for Art History – Done

Relevant for assignment

  • Plato The Republic, VII (cave) –Done
  • Susan Sontag On Photography – part that relates to the ‘cave’ – Done
  • G. Deleuze and R. Krauss.  ‘Plato and the Simulacrum’ in: October Vol. 27 – Done


  • N. Goodman Languages of Art: An Approach to a Theory of Symbols – partly done
  • J. Baudrillard Simulacra and Simulation – Done
  • F. Saussure Course in General Linguistics – optional/ open

Other texts will result from my coursework and prep for assignment.


  • Applied this time a more focused approach and read only the most relevant parts of books.
  • I found the reading on topics but from several authors, especially on the conceptions by Plato and Deleuze, helped me to stay more focused and obtain a more in-depth knowledge than just browsing a wide area of topics.
  • My researches on media e.g. film helped me to contextualize Plato and Deleuze in visual culture.
  • I couldn’t go in-depth with all aspects that I found intriguing e.g. authenticity. I think I already got enough understanding at that stage.
  • Reading postmodern and post-structuralists texts are not easy. I went back on certain key texts for re-reading.
  • I sense that I need to take my reading further into practice. To see outside how relevant all those texts are. I find it tremendously important to get out of the theory into practice. Saying that doesn’t mean I am successful here.
  • Interaction on the OCA forum helped me to response to topics raised by others in context of my reading. What helped me further to understand relevance.  Also, I got a new sensibility for these topics when reading newspaper and journal articles.

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