Part Two – Assignment 2: Self Evaluation

My self-evaluation against the assessment criteria

Demonstration of subject based knowledge and understanding

After the first part of this course I went through a learning curve in understanding how to address course work and assignment essay. Intense reading plan, not that I was not able to cover this completely, and interrogation with primary and secondary sources, books and journal, as well as newspaper and online articles of current visual culture topics brought me into deep contact with the subject matter.

I found that Modern Art, a period of more than 100 years, is that expansive that it is very hard to understand fully within 2-2 months of course work. I believe I will need to continuously read and analyse further, and to contextualize it from a distance especially when it comes to my own art practice.

Demonstration of research skills

After last tutor feedback, I went back to square one and explored better research skills. Based on OCA, UCA and other sources I eventually started with a more structured approach my coursework for part 2. I used various tools (like Inspiration and Endnote) to capture and map more visually my thoughts and research notes as well as to support a coherent and structured plan and list of references.  I found out that over the time of the course there is huge amount of reading, sources, and notes involved that I believe can support me in further studies for level 5 and 6 as a database for reference.

However, I found the downside of all of it is time consumption. I underestimated the efforts needed and thus delayed my initial plan for submission by one month. This is a topic I need to address and be more effective in the following parts that I want to complete faster. The need to focus and reduce seems to me crucial for working on academic theories. Nevertheless, I have to acknowledge that I spent the first weeks of part 2 more on reflection on study skills and organizing my work.

Demonstration of critical and evaluation skills

With more intense exploration of topics beside coursework, more reading, and more notetaking, I explored deeper and wider various areas. I believe the wider context helped me in linking aspects and critical perspectives, to put them in new context and to question myself what and how I perceived external visual culture. At times, I felt a bit frustrated as by the complexity and depth of possible analysis. When to stop and when to conclude on a topic and to move one is something I would need to learn better.

My intense reading of primary and secondary source, much more intense compared to part 1, supported me in understanding and eventually critically reflecting on the subject matter of modernity, modernization and Modernism. At times though I felt booged down in research and felt less capable to work in a non-modernist way on my own painting and drawing practice. The question is how to digest and how to contextualize from a distance. I am positive that this will come over time.


I approached the course and assignment differently compared to part 1. I structured and planned more in advance what and how I want to write. My interrogation of visual culture aspects from current topics in newspapers and online media besides coursework helped me in structuring my thoughts and write them down in my blog (under ‘Visual exploration and notes’ in ‘Research’ category).

At times, I went back to my written blog posts, to amend when I found new materials relevant to it. By that I can see that my writing and interrogation of visual culture is not following a sequential path but more like a matrix with back and force movements.

Based on my tutor’s feedback after assignment 1, I embraced more working with my blog freely and to keep my assignment with more academic rigour.

I fully structured and developed my line of reasoning for this assignment, from initial brainstorming and outlining my research, through preparatory researches and the development of argumentation and final essay, I captured and wrote those steps down in my blog, for my own learning but also to communicate my current improved approach to critical interrogation.


=> Overall, I do feel that I made a big step ahead from part 1 and that I found now a way of working on art theory and visual culture that I can personally relate to. Perhaps still too much on the plate, the key point would be to focus more effectively and to spend less time so to move faster. Or to say better, to find the balance between my own personal curiosity and the expected outcomes of the course


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