Category: Part 2: Modernism Explained

Stefan513593_Aftermath - assignment 2 - contemporary clusters

Aftermath A2 – Cluster presentions of contemporary art and its relationship with ‘Surrogates’

In the aftermath of my assignment work for part 2 and while searching for ‘Surrogates’ appropriations I came across a contemporary art practice. More and more I do see images online and in galleries and museums where pictures are hanging as grid, as cluster (more or less structured and presenting thus to the viewer a ‘meta-picture’ . The amount of…

Stefan513593- 2.0 - words for modern art

Part Two – Exercise 2.0: The Modern in Painting and Sculpture

Find two paintings and one sculpture, each of which appears concerned with modernity, modernism and modernization. Indicate the relevant features on annotated reproductions. The following questions should help. Does the subject seem to be of its time?  Does the work or its subject matter appear mechanical?   Does the artist exploit the look of the medium?   How hard it…